As Pakistan’s first e-commerce platform with sustainability at its core, Purefayce is committed to the environment and the society. Our business strategy is strongly focused on delivering these initiatives to ensure long term success for our organization. 
We pride ourselves in being committed to 3 SDG Goals set out by the United Nations

  1. Decent work & Economic Growth – People
  2. Responsible Consumption & Production – Environment
  3. Good Health & Well-being – Conscious Choices

Our Commitment to People

Purefayce prides in providing on-the-job training to fresh college graduates from middle-tier universities across Pakistan. Inability to access high quality education must not limit our youth from achieving success in their careers. Through a well-designed training model, we equip employees with skills that are transferable across functions. This enables many more households to become active participants of the economic cycle.

Through a focused recruitment program, we are delivering jobs and economic growth to both men and women.

Our commitment to providing a safe workplace enables us to deliver on our promise to provide equal opportunity for all genders.

Our Commitment to Environment

Purefayce has partnered with SaafSuthraSheher to collect and recycle makeup container waste across Pakistan. Estimated sales of makeup products alone in Pakistan are more than 100mn products annually, translating into 100mn containers!

The absence of proper disposal and recycling of these containers is adding to the pain of our environment. Partnering with our customers, /PappuRecycles collect used containers and stop them from becoming part of landfills.

We partner with conscious vendors for our Shipping & Packaging. We use recycled and environmentally friendly material (recycled packaging, organic cotton bags & PET bottles).

Our Commitment to Conscious Beauty & Lifestyle Choices

We are driving the revolution of “Conscious choices” in the 6th most populous country of the world. Through carefully curated selection of products and information, Purefayce is inspiring its customers to make choices that are beneficial for their health and well-being. Ingredients that are part of a beauty product or a fabric used in your favorite t-shirt can be harmful to you and the environment.

Purefayce aims to empower women and men to make choices that are sustainable

Our Partners:

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