Skincare (271)

  • Saeed Ghani – Khas Sandal Ubtan

    50gm Ubtan is a traditional herbal paste that’s made by mixing many essential ingredients including milk, gram flour, turmeric, Multani mud, and rose water in certain quantities. Owing to the natural ingredients used in ubtan, we suggest you make it a permanent addition to your skincare routine. Ubtan powder is conducive to younger, smoother skin. It helps in tightening up pores, removing dark circles, acne, and wrinkles.
  • Biocos – Urgent Facial Sachet

    Biocos Urgent Whitening Facial is a complete facial will make you look fresh and beautiful in just 10 minutes! It contains natural herb extracts that helps to keep your skin healthy, fresh and beautiful. For External Use Only.
  • Saeed Ghani – Pure Glycerin

    50ml ●Provides skin hydration. ●Exfoliates skin thoroughly. ●Brightens and enhances skin"
  • Biocos – Omg Eye Collagen Mask

    This collagen-boosting treatment improves crepey texture and regenerates skin’s firmness so that your eye area looks plumper right away. Best for fine lines, these masks contain collagen, aloe, hyaluronic acid, and caviar extract to promote cell turnover and collagen production.
  • Saeed Ghani – Honey & Almond Lotion

    100ml Massage into Clean skin day and night, ideally after cleansing, and time skin needs a touch of sweet hydration.
  • Saeed Ghani – Glycerin with Rose Water

    120ml Saeed Ghani Glycerin + Rosewater for the face is available in 120ml bottle and brings the following benefits: • Moisturizes your skin to keep it fresh throughout the day. • Helps fight germs and bacteria that may find their way to your skin. • Makes your skin fairer and adds a natural glow.
  • Saeed Ghani – Shea Butter Body Lotion

    ●Deeply moisturizes skin ●Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory agent ●Heal's peeling and itchy skin ●Reduces stretch marks ●Clears up skin, giving it a natural glow ●Reduces stretch mar
  • Biocos – Advance Therapy Lotion

    100ML Biocos advance therapy lotion is infused with collagen protein, rich hydrates and essential vitamins, rose and milk extracts which helps to relieve severely dry skin.
  • Biocos – Aloe Soothing Lotion

    100ML Aloe Vera helps in treating dry and flaky skin. It is a miraculous herb that gives you supple and smooth skin. is a miraculous herb that is beneficial for skin
  • Biocos – Cocoa Shea Nourishing Lotion

    100ML Lotion With Shea is good for any skin type. Provide moisture to dry skin and left my skin feeling smooth and soft after continuous use. This product is very rich, light and absorbs well
  • Biocos – Extreme Age Reversal Lotion

    Much like your favorite anti–aging face products, these lotions help keep the delicate skin on your hands looking fresh, youthful, and free from pesky age spots.
  • Biocos – Beauty Mask

    The mask, formulated as cream, ointment, lotion, serum, or sheet, is just a vehicle that delivers “actives” to the skin with the main scope to quickly improve its appearance and quality. This category of cosmetics, packed in different ways and by different materials, is selected according to skin type, cream-based masks seems to work best on dry skin. The sheet mask, made generally by tissues, is another primary segment introduced in the market with different innovation as, for example, “biocos beauty mask”, having the main function to hydrate and calm the skin quickly and easily. It comprises of different types of fabric which includes cotton, non-woven, hydrogel, bio-cellulose and others.
  • Saeed Ghani – Vitamin C Rose Water

    ●Helps reduce puffiness under the eyes ●Lightens pigmented skin ●Refreshes and hydrates skin, giving it a natural glow ●Regulates skin cells for firm and youthful-looking skin.
  • Saniderm Hand & Foot Moisturizing Cream with Argan Oil

    Rehydrates dry skin Moisturizes ,soothes and softens skin Non greasy and non –irritating Improves skin texture
  • Saeed Ghani – Multani Mud Powder

    100gm Saeed Ghani Multani mud powder is available in a 100gm pack and brings you the following benefits: • Deep cleanses skin to remove impurities within your skin. • Controls excess oil and improves skin tone. • Can be used for several skin problems when combined with other natural ingredients."
  • Saeed Ghani – Husn-e-Yousuf Powder

    10gm ●Removes skin impurities ●Enhances dull complexion ●Promotes clearer skin ●Removes excess oil ●Unclogs pores ●Removes excess oil ●Sheds dead skin cells ●Nourishes the skin ●Gives a natural glow to the skin
  • Saeed Ghani – Sandalwood Powder

    25gm Clear & sustainable acne-free skin. ●Detoxifies your skin of dirt and bacteria. ●Exfoliating properties result in smooth, glowing & healthy skin.
  • Saeed Ghani – Neem Chehra Powder

    100gm Reveals a healthy, radiant complexion. Evens out skin tone. Helps protect the skin against infections.
  • Saeed Ghani – Fair Plus Mask

  • Zafrani Ubtan Pouch

  • Saeed Ghani – Kajal Pencil

    ●14H Smudge proof ●Long lasting effect ●Easy to apply ●Pigments made with extra ordinary care to give a thorough and whole finish to your eyes
  • Saeed Ghani – White Kajal Chalk Pencil

  • Biocos – Bubble Charcoal Mask

    This exceptional, patented functionality cloth actively restores and revitalizes the skin’s natural radiance and helps regenerate tissue cells. Biocos Bubble Charcoal Mask impregnated in the cloth contains negative ions which increase circulation helping to relax facial tension. This firms, but relaxes the tense muscle, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles and the visible signs of ageing. Designed to effectively provide nourishing moisture to the skin, the skin is left hydrated, soft, and radiant.
  • Biocos – Men Whitening Serum

    Mix complete Biocos Men Whitening Serum in any Beauty Cream and apply on your face at night, next morning wash your face with Biocos Beauty Soap. This serum increases the result of any beauty cream and turns it into Men Beauty Cream. But our advice for the best result is that you use Biocos Men Whitening Serum in Biocos Men Beauty Cream. In this serum Arbutin, Milk Extracts, Vitamins, Mulberry Extracts and SPF16 is specially added to protect from UV Rays which is the only solution of skin problems and its rapid effect turns your face Beautiful.