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  • PHB Bio Gel: Skin Perfector

    NEW Skin Perfector Bio-Gel | with Aloe, Rose & Sea Buckthorn This skin perfecting Bio-Gel blends the finest quality organic Aloe Vera with pure Rose Oil & Sea Buckthorn in a skin quenching and healing formula. Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help increase elasticity, promote scar healing & improve skin’s appearance and texture. Aloe Vera: Cools & soothes skin. Improves hydration, reduces irritation and redness. Rose Oil: Encourages cell regeneration, calms redness & improves discoloration. Sea Buckthorn: Rich in antioxidants that speed up the skin’s healing process.
    Halal Vegan Cruelty-free
    Organic Hypoallergenic Paraben-free