Having a skincare regimen – Is it sufficient?

Using products that are clean from parabens and toxins makes a huge difference for your skin’s health. (https://www.purefayce.com/) provides a range of organic products that you should include in your daily skincare routine.

But having a skincare regime, slathering on sunscreen, and using the best cleanser is not always enough for the largest organ of our body. Our skin needs much more than that. Our skin becomes very delicate and thin due to a lot of factors, such as increased sun exposure. Therefore, it needs consistent care from the inside as well. It tends to lose water and may become dull and dry. So we need to intake vital supplements and vitamins to cater to any skin deficiency.

Especially after menopause, around the age of 50, the women tend to experience prominent changes in their skin due to the loss of estrogen hormone. This happens because women, in the post-menstrual period, lose a significant skin protein, i.e., collagen. It results in destructuring of the skin and a lack of hydration. (1)

If you are struggling to have flawless skin, it’s time to bring the vital supplements to your skincare product collection.

Vitamin A

Due to daily sun exposure, ultraviolet rays can affect your skin, even if you use sunscreen religiously. Thus it affects collagen production, causing wrinkles. Eat yellow, red, and orange-colored foods containing Vitamin A, such as squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is widely known for boosting immunity, but did you know that it is also beneficial for the skin? Vitamin C is vital for forming collagen, and therefore, it is favorable for the overall appearance of your skin.

Vitamin E

Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. Sunlight can do a lot of damage to our skin. Vitamin E can protect our skin from photodamage and keep it spot and wrinkle-free.


This protein in your skin helps maintain skin elasticity and keeps your skin moist, giving your skin a firm appearance. However, our skin can lack collagen. Therefore, collagen supplements can be taken to revive the skin’s elasticity. According to research, improvements in skin elasticity and hydration were seen after four weeks of collagen consumption. (2)(3,4)


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