Five tips to look like a supermodel

Who doesn’t love makeup? Makeup is a passion for some people, and for some, it is a need. Using natural makeup products contributes to maintaining our skin health as well as the environment. However, the products we use should also subtly enhance our features.

Do you want to look like models you watch on television? Well, now it is not difficult to learn some tricks and rock like a professional makeup artist.

Use minimal products

Rule number 1; do not use makeup as a mask. A vast range of makeup products is available in the market to enhance your face profile. But you should not aim to completely change your outlook. You actually suffocate your skin by applying heavy layers of makeup on it, and it can actually suffocate your skin. Too many layers can even clog your pores and cause breakouts.

The market is full of highly pigmented products that can give you good coverage even with a little application. Learn to be comfortable in your skin, and use minimal products to look flawless.

Not only layering a minimal base is vital, but using organic products to set your base is as necessary. Your foundation is in direct contact with your skin, so use products that are free of chemicals, parabens, and fragrances. For the best organic foundation, visit ( Our (Sampure Instant Glow Mineral Loose Foundation) is a highly pigmented lightweight foundation that will not choke your skin. (1)

Brushes quality over quantity

The market is stuffed with a variety of makeup brushes, available for each and every tiny makeup ritual. Sometimes it might be difficult to choose from the available options. But the wise choice is to go for only a few multipurpose makeup brushes to rock your look.

By using our cruelty-free brushes, you can have a trouble-free makeup experience. They feel like heaven on the skin, and they smoothly blend all your products effortlessly. Just wash your brushes once a week to avoid infections on your face.

Get your brow game strong

Do you forget your eyebrows often? Well, taking a few minutes extra to do your brows can actually change your entire facial appearance. Be gentle, and use a brow pencil or brow gel to give them the depth they need. Use our organic (Glamzone – Velvet DuoExpert Eyebrow Pencil Vinyl Black Eyeliner), and reshape your facial expressions.

Balance your shimmers and mattes

There are tons of makeup products, ranging from mattes to shimmers, and you have them all. But do you really know where to put each one of them? A true understanding of applying the right products at the right places can transform the whole makeup game for you. Mattes soak up the light, while shimmers reflect the light. Therefore, mate is ideal for contouring, and the shimmer is absolute for highlighting. You need to know where you want to reflect most of the light – such as the inner corners of your eyes, and your cheekbones. Even putting a little shimmer on top of your lips can intensify your lips. (2)

Get inventive

If you are doing makeup the same way, every time you pick up those creative brushes, you are missing out on so much! Do not be afraid to use vibrant colors on your eyes, because color can change your whole outlook. Create some drama. Try out new eyeliner styles, or even try experimenting with your favorite lipstick as a blush on your cheeks. A simple rotation can change the whole meaning of makeup for you.

So, ladies, you gotta teach your friends and colleagues that you are no less than a supermodel. You don’t need to take makeup classes to learn the art of professional makeup. Just follow some simple tricks, use your creative skills, and look like a supermodel Edition of yourself.


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