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Halal cosmetics are those cosmetics that are made by using ingredients which are Halal. Halal certifications are only awarded after strict inspection of the processes and facilities used to make these cosmetics. The organizations that provide these certifications, observe strict compliance with Shariah standards, which are used to observe Halal certifications for medicines, foods and other absorbable products, such as perfumes, skincare and nail polishes. Additionally, our nail polishes are also guaranteed water and air permeable, which makes them wudhu friendly.

We source from the top certified global brands. We are regional partners for all brands listed on our website thus delivering every brands promise directly to our consumers in the region. Most of our brands have won recognitions and awards in natural health and “free from harmful additives” categories.

Yes, all our products are certified by Global Agencies and our certificates are available for your reference.

Yes, we currently retail in Lahore and Sialkot. We are working to bring the product close to you.

Our products are imported directly from the manufacturers. We don’t buy through distributors or whole salers.

Our products are natural and preservative free, so they must be transported, packaged, stored and handled in a certain way to guarantee their quality assurance. We do not offer any return or refund. However, if you feel dissatisfied please contact our customer service and we promise to improve your shopping experience.