Easy switches to save our planet from plastic waste

We all are aware by now that plastic is vicious to our health. But do you know why? It affects humans, animals, and the planet in ways we can not imagine. Plastic is everywhere. It spreads toxins as they stick to the environment for years.

Why is plastic harmful?

Do you know that plastic delivers harmful chemicals, known as estrogenic chemicals? These chemicals stick to the hormone receptors in our body, disrupting usual hormone functioning, which leads to diseases in humans. Continuous exposure to plastic can even result in fertility issues, both in men and women. Not only this, it can interfere with pregnancy, developmental patterns of the fetus, and it can even increase the risk of cancer.

The use of plastic is not only harmful to humans, but also to the land and sea animals. Plastic waste is dumped into the ocean, and chemicals affect marine life. These chemicals also get deep into the soil, which affects the food and water supply of the land animals. Thus, the animals face reproductive disabilities as well. (1)

What can we do?

Our job is to be responsible for ourselves and our planet. We should be very conscious to avoid purchasing things made of plastic, plastic bags, and products that consist of plastic microbeads. Just gradually try to avoid plastic in your daily life by switching simple things.

Our daily skincare products may contain plastic. Start by purchasing your routine body care products without plastic packaging, so that they are not harmful to our lives and the land and sea animals. Use organic products from (https://www.purefayce.com/) that are clean, and which include healthy ingredients for our environment.

In addition, some exfoliators contain plastic microbeads. Instead of those exfoliators, use a dry brush. Before taking a bath, use a body brush gently, scrubbing it 3 or 4 times. And don’t forget to moisturize afterward for best results.

If you are a coffee lover, you have to stop purchasing your morning coffee in plastic cups. The good news is, you don’t have to let go of your coffee craving. You only have to stop using those plastic cups and begin with reusable coffee cups.

The most common plastic thing that we use in our daily lives is those plastic shopping bags. And it is the easiest thing to switch. Just keep a reusable shopping bag in your car, and whenever you go shopping, take that life-saving bag with you. Even if the bill counter reminds you that you forgot your bag, don’t act lazy. Just take a break, walk back to your car, and bring that reusable bag with you.

These are some of the simple things to switch that can save the lives of a lot of people and animals, as well as the planet. These easy switches will not only enhance your life, but they will save you money as well. By taking this initiative, you can start awareness among your friends and family, and set an example for them as well. So do not give it a second thought, and start today!  (2)(3)


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