Ayesha O Beauty (11)

  • Ayesha o beauty ? LIP BUTTER Lip Balm

    "Smooths & Softens With Vitamin E Restore lips? natural moisture and color, with naturally plumping and nourishing botanicals. Enriched with Vitamin E, this Lip Butter with Sun Protection forms a hydrating layer for smooth and soft lips. Hydrating, plumping & nourishing Protects lips natural moisture & color"
  • Ayesha o beauty ? MASK ON Face Mask

    300gm "Exfoliating, Clarifying & Softening With Orange Peel"
  • Ayesha o beauty ? TONED Calming Toner

    100ml "Skin Soothing & Mattifying With Bulgarian Rose"
  • Ayesha o beauty ? MOSITURISING GEL Multipurpose Moisturiser

    "Refreshing & Healing With Green Tea"
  • Ayesha o beauty ? CLEAN FACED Foaming Face Wash

    150ml "Deep Cleans & Purifies With Neem A gentle foaming cleanser purifies skin from dirt, oil, and makeup without over-drying. Infused with botanicals that clarify and enhance complexion revealing youthful Clean Faced glow. Deeply purifies Clarifies skin Enhances skin tone Suits all skin type"
  • Ayesha o beauty ? MAKEUP BREAKUP Makeup Remover

  • Ayesha o beauty ? SPOT CONTROL Acne Serum

    30ml Spot Clearing & Soothing With Tea Tree Oil.
  • Ayesha o beauty ? BODY FOOD Body Lotion

    250ml Conditions & Moisturizes With Sun Protection Enriched with Coconut Oil & Platinum Flakes.
  • Ayesha o beauty ? NIGHT MODE Night Serum

    30ml Renewing & Nourishing With Lavender Oil"
  • Ayesha o beauty ? GREAT ESCAPE Aroma Therapy Candle

  • Ayesha o beauty ? FACE FOOD Face Cream

    "Hydrating & Nourishing With Platinum Flakes"