Why you should choose Organic Makeup?

Why you should choose Organic Makeup?

Do you get excited by that sharp wing of your eyeliner or the contour shining through your cheeks? Makeup is a treat for every woman nowadays, but are you really using the right products for your skin? Or are you unknowingly putting your precious skin at risk by using harsh chemicals every day?

Layers and layers of makeup on your delicate skin can cause a breakout, and it can also prolong the breakout. You might notice more wrinkles on your skin, the wrong products can damage your skin, or you might have an allergic reaction that you would definitely want to avoid(1). So what’s the solution to this dilemma? Don’t worry! You don’t have to stop using those makeup brushes. Organic makeup is the answer. In this article, you will find all the answers to what should I use?.

Before buying your makeup products, always have a look at the ingredients. The mineral makeup should not include parabens, talc, fragrances, and Bismuth Oxychloride. Parabens are low-priced preservatives that can be absorbed into the skin and harm the skin. Talc can be carcinogenic. Fragrances may lead to developmental and reproductive issues. Bismuth Oxychloride can cause scars and wrinkles, and it can be irritating for some people. Have you ever heard of the phrase “ Organic mineral products”? This phrase itself is misleading as minerals are not organic(2).

Organic products should include natural ingredients which are not harmful to your skin. By the use of makeup, you mean to enhance your features and make your skin feel good. It should not be the cause of skin damage in the longer run. Many cosmetic products use natural ingredients, but products should be evaluated on their effectiveness(3).

Due to increasing competition and customer awareness, the companies put a lot of thought into formulating the ingredients. It’s easier to find clean and halal products now. If you don’t find ingredients written on a product, you should think twice before buying it. Because you should know what’s going into your skin. If you’re looking for ‘clean’ and halal cosmetics, visit https://www.purefayce.com  to find the best shades of lipsticks, nail polish, and skincare products.

Your nail polish and lipstick should be toxin-free but should also do the magic. If you want super pigmented halal lipsticks, (Spa-in-bottle-tintastic-pink) is a safe and healthy option. These are made with hygienic and healthy ingredients using natural oils, extracts, and minerals.

If you’re looking for healthy nail polishes, (LACC Nail Color) is a product that will make you fall in love with your nails. By using these breathable, toxin-free nail polishes, you can have healthy nails. Visit (https://www.purefayce.com/product-category/nails) for a variety of color options.

Makeup should be nontoxic but should also be doing its job, so make your choices wisely.


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The Ordinary’s Oily skin products for you!

Of course! Every girl wants to have the perfect skin, texture and complexion, some girls come across the problem of having a really dry skin, and some girls have extremely oily skin, which creates problem for them in so many ways.

Are you looking for a perfect product for your extremely oily skin? You’ve come to the rightest Place.

The Ordinary’s skin products, are really helpful, in the treatment of your skin. They have beneficial dry and oily skin products.

If you are shopping in a, conditioner or moisturizer kind of way, you will be confused here because The Ordinary’s mostly has treatment products in their portfolio, What that means is that the products that they sell are meant to be used in an addition to your already established skin care routine, so you would be treating your skin the way you do, with all the cleansers and moisturizers, just adding up the treatment products of The Ordinary’s, which would help in your skin protection, properly.

Products beneficial for the Oily skin!

The ordinary’s products can be organized into two main categories which include the water base treatment, and the oil based treatment, Deciem is the brand which owns The Ordinary’s brand does offer a collection of toners, moisturizers and cleansers, this brand usually comes with sunscreens, Serums and even the other skin makeup products.

Skin types classified as oily tends to have, overactive pores of the skin, which would produce skin oils and a lot of sebum from your skin!

It is important to understand this fact that all types of skin produce oil, in order to keep the skin healthy and prevent it from getting dry and dehydrated, so a normal routine of skin oil releasing from your skin is quite normal.

But in case that your skin starts to produce too much oil, that are mainly caused due to genetics, environment, and hormonal imbalance, which then leads to other skin related issues such as having an extremely shiny skin, clogging of the pores of your skin, and it also produces acne on your skin.

Every type of skin, either Dry, oily or combination skin can be Acne prone if the right products are not being used on your skin.

A very common misconception is all the people is that they think that the oily skin needs to be dried out, and the oils are then eliminated from the skin, but the truth is that your skin always needs some moisture to keep the skin balanced and healthy, otherwise it can be dehydrated or even become Acne prone.

Some products of this Brand are mentioned below, which really affects your skin in so many positive ways, providing it the best treatment which is needed for it, and are the best skin protection products.

They also come in a category of Organic makeup, which can also be found on the online stores, the online organic makeup also has the following products in their categories.

The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10 %

The Ordinary Argireline Solution 10 %, is basically really helpful for the skin types having dark spots under the eyes or somewhere on your face, or any kind of wrinkles on your skin, this serum is completely vegan and free of Paraben, Cruelty and sulfate, which also makes it an Organic product for your skin. This serum helps the oily and acne prone skin, to be free of these problems, and provide soothing effect to the skin, making it feel less oily.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

This Serum of The ordinary’s brand, is also a very beneficial product for the Acne prone and the oily skin, this product has an amount of Lactic acid in it which helps to exfoliate your skin mildly and makes it smoother, It helps to reduce the extra amount of oil that your skin releases, and makes it more exfoliated and less oily, This product is completely free from, Cruelty, alcohol, Gluten, Nut and silicon, and a pure non-synthetic product it is.

The Ordinary Ascorbic acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2%

This product is a Vitamin C based product, which helps the oily skin to reduce any extra oils from the skin, and prevents from the over aging skin, also helps in removing the dark spots and wrinkles from your skin.

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Keep your Eyes Magical with Talent cosmetics

Every girl, wants to make their eyes look dreamy and beautiful, with a shimmery and shiny Eye makeup, and make your eyes look stunning using quality and amazing products.

If you are looking for amazing and worth buying eye accessory brand, Talent is the one you are looking for, it has all those amazing eye products which will give a glamorous look to your eye, making them look magical eyes, TALENT is all you need!

You can make your eyes look, full of glam just by using these amazing eye products of TALENT, it is all you ever wish for, the perfect eye makeup look. It will make your eyes look more defined and beautiful, the products include, Mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, Concealer, and other eye makeup products.


You can have an amazing eye makeup look, by using talent products on your eyes, the most essential part is, that you should be aware of the proper method or technique to apply eye makeup on your eyes. There are certain methods to apply each eye accessory properly.

Starting with the Eyeshadow

The makeup starts with applying Eye shadow on your eyes, to give them a particular color you want to apply. The Talent Crystal Dia Shiny Eyeshadow is a great quality product for enhancing the eye lids. It consists of four basic shades, with each shade having a base eye shadow color with it, you can apply the base color and then the darker shade to enhance the eye makeup.

Talent Eyeliner product

After applying the perfect eye shadow on your eyes, you come to the most difficult part, which is applying Eye liner. Eye liner can be applied in different shapes and forms, some are winged, some are cat eye shaped, and some people like to apply the 60’s trend Eyeliner.

There are different forms of Eyeliners, which are water proof and non-water proof eyeliners, some might have a darker effect on your eyes, and some might give a lighter effect. Talent crystal Dia water proof Auto eyeliner, gives the dark and amazing effect on your Eye makeup, it enhances the lids of your eyes and make your eye makeup look, GLAMOROUS!

Make your Eyelashes look Alluring!

The third part, comes the Mascara that you have to apply on your Eyelashes. Mascaras are most commonly used for giving an absolute volume to the Eye lashes and sometimes elongates the lashes, Talent cosmetics also have different types of Mascaras which will make your eyes look, stunning and beautifully dramatic.

If you need a voluminous Mascara, which would elongate your lashes, and thickens them by giving them an amazing volume, the perfect Talent Cosmetic product for you is the Talent Crystal Dia Power Mascara- Volume up. This Mascara makes your lashes look voluminous and thick, and elongates them, giving them a perfect look.

If you have straight Eyelashes, and crave for curvy and curly Eyelashes, the Talent Crystal Dia Power Mascara- Curling up, is the type of Mascara you need, it would elongate and Curl up you lashes giving them a stunning and an alluring look.

Hiding those dark-circles!

Many people have sleeping problems, or late night working problems these days, which leads to dark-circles under the eyes. Some makeup products help you to remove those dark circles temporarily and make your eyes look perfect with that perfect eye makeup by Talent Cosmetic.

Talent Crystal Dia dual concealer, helps in hiding those dark circles under your eyes, it comes in a small vertical bottle with a brush attached to the lid. It helps to remove any dark circle, freckles or any other imperfections on the skin.

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Try these Anti-Aging products

Every girl, dreams of having the youngest and the most beautiful skin with a perfect glow on their face! As you know, natural diet has a direct effect on the skin, and the health of a human body, when the body gets old with increasing age, the skin remains younger, if you have had a proper diet in your early life.

Apart from this, the use of good quality anti-aging products helps one to make their skin look young and beautiful, but there are few such products which would actually leave a good effect on your skin, making it look glowing and younger!

Good quality Anti-aging products!

There are plenty of good anti-aging products, but only a few of them would work perfectly on your skin, leaving a proper long lasting beautiful effect on your skin, some people have dry skin, and some women have oily skin, the products they would use have to be according to the type of their skin.

There are different product formulas for oily skin, and different formulas for a dry skin, the application for both of the skin types also differs, some of the experienced products that actually work, are Sunwoo Cosme Diamond & Collagen Elastic Toner which comes with a toner consisted of diamond powder, collagen, and ceramide and gives an amazing anti-aging effect on your skin, with a touch of natural glow too!

For the dry skin also, there are different tips for using the anti-aging products, which work differently. Superfood facial Oil is one of those helpful products regarding anti- aging of the skin, and this facial oil is best for the dry skin.

Perfect Tips for the use of Anti-Aging products!

Finding and having the perfect products might be easy for you! But knowing the perfect way and basic tips to apply them is really essential. There are some basic tips for the application of anti-aging products on your skin for the oily skin and the dry skin both.

Anti-Aging tips for dry skin

Anti- aging tips for dry skin are different as compared to that of an oily skin texture. There are various methods and steps, for application of the anti-aging products on your skin, the products mentioned above can be used in the treatment of your aging dry skin.

  • You have to start you day, with a proper cleansing of your face with a cleanser suitable for dry skin.
  • You have to keep you diet proper and balanced, and it surely will help.
  • You have to use exfoliator on your face, on weekly basis.
  • Use the Superfood Anti-aging facial oil, as mentioned above, this would help in moisturizing your skin texture and lift it.
  • Also focus on your SPF routine, too much of exposure in sunlight would also not be good for your dry and aging skin.

Anti- Aging tips for Oily skin

There are different methods of application and Anti-aging products for oily skin, you will have to be more careful if you have an oily skin, there might be some of the products which would not suit your oily skin texture, the product mentioned above which is the Sunwoo Cosme Diamond & Collagen Elastic Toner, it really works for the treatment of an oily skin.

  • For an oily skin, getting a proper sleep and an early sleep, it really makes your skin look young and beautiful.
  • You can cleanse your face, but you do not have to over cleanse your face, as it is not good for an oily skin.
  • Moisturize your skin with the Sunwoo Cosme Diamond & Collagen Elastic Toner, it would give your skin a beautiful young and lifting effect.
  • You need to exfoliate regularly when you have an oily skin.
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For a flawless makeup look, blushing is an essential step in the complete makeup look, a final touch of Blush on your cheeks give you a young and beautiful look; just a few swipes of Blush and you get an enhancing effect on your makeup.

For a beautiful and finer look on your face, a good product and a professional application technique make all the difference. Picking the correct product that matches your skin type is also essential.

Choosing the Perfect Color for your Blush Product!

While choosing Blush’s perfect shades, Keep the following tips handy when you go shopping

While picking the best Blush, wearing white always helps, as there would be nothing contrasting the Blush’s shades. Picking a perfect color blush which matches your complexion is essential. Ensuring the blush also accentuates your face features is important.

You choose a perfect color for your Blush when you focus on the basic complexion of your skin. For a lighter and a cooler skin tone, you should go for Peach and nude shades. Having a deeper skin tone, you should go for peach-ish and deep pink colors for your Blush. You should opt for Domani Blush for the most accurate and finer results, which comes with different shades of pinks and Peaches; IT WILL ALWAYS WORK!

If you belong to a darker skin color family, red and burnt reds are going to be your pick; bright pinks and burnt rust colors on a darker skin tone are going to bring about the celebrity look. Looking for a safe opinion? PHB Pressed Blusher with an Organic Jojoba; it is a perfect choice for darker tones or even works with the lighter tones.

Picking out the best Blush color according to your skin tone might be a difficult task sometimes. Getting good suggestions from experienced makeup artists and sales staff can help you choose the best suitable Makeup blush colors for your skin. Our online experience allows you a personalized consultation.

Talent Crystal Dia Powder Blusher is one of the very best brands for makeup blushes. Sampure Instant glow mineral loose setting powder is a award winning brand with accurate and perfect effects.

The perfect method to apply the makeup Blush!

Blush’s perfect placement on your face is important, and what a great makeup difference it makes on your entire makeup look. It helps brighten up your complexion and gives you a healthy young glow.

How to apply Blush on your skin and the different blush applying techniques for different face shapes.

If you want lifted and higher cheekbones, you have to start applying it from the center of the cheekbone to the edge of your eyebrow; this may give a lifted look to your cheekbones with a beautiful glow. It also helps in highlighting and accentuating your cheekbones.

For a round face, you should apply the blush starting from the highest point possible on your cheekbones and a little bit above your eyebrows, as this would help in emphasizing the roundness of your cheeks.

A Pro-tip for your face, apply the Blush across the center of your nose and your cheeks, and it will give you that natural sunburnt look.

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Exciting Colors of Nail Polish- Just for You

Are you wondering about perfect nail art and funky nail colours?

Here’s good news for you all!

Get ready to get the nail polishes not only in common colours but also in exciting funky shades that will truly compliment your dress colour. The most exciting colours of nail polish that will make your nails look perfect are now also available online for you.

Exciting nail polish colours makes girls go crazy. And we have brought you some great information about the latest trending nail polish colours. It gives a perfect look not only in parties but also in daily routine. You must be thinking of your nails and to make them look good. That’s simple! You can make your nails look good anytime. It will make your overall personality looks amazing.

Exciting Nail Polish Colors for your Nails!

It would help if you are very picky when it comes to nail colour. However, you often go with the colour of nail polish which matches the dress you are wearing. Some girls also go with the matching or contrasting colour combination or proper nail art. Many nail polish colours are available in different categories such as glossy nail polish, matte nail polish, shiny nail polish or many more.

The thrilling brands that create a wide variety of exciting nail paint colours are:

  • LACC Nail Color
  • Sampure Nail Color
  • Glossworks

These brands have made the confusion of your mind go easy for you because most of the times we are afraid to get the chemical originated nail polishes in the form of beautiful colours; however, these brands have created cruelty-free, vegan or even, halal and wudhu-friendly nail polishes in exciting colours that will definitely not damage your nails at any cost.

Nail Polish Colors

The eco-friendly, breathable, and gluten-free nail polishes many colours. The LACC nail coils are presented by the numbers and have many colour shades; the most trending ones are:

  • Deep Wine Red
  • Bright Red
  • Bright Pink
  • Midnight Blue

The alluring trending colours in Sampure nail colours are:

  • Sahara Sand
  • Juicy Pomegranate
  • Poppy Red
  • Harmonic Tan

These shades will look extraordinary amazing on your nails as these are highly pigmented and deposits the smooth, healthy look to nails.

Glossworks has the glossy nail shades which are halal and vegan. These nail shades are quite expensive because of the high-quality. The colours will not fade out and remain for a long time. The trending colours of nail polishes by this brand are:

  • Pink Champagne
  • Reddy to go red
  • Buff
  • Beige

These nail shades are hi-glossy and have a long-lasting flawless and smooth finish. You will definitely feel the these as the best nail polish shade you had ever applied. Matte nail polish colours are also almost in every shade but are available with no glossy or shiny look instead has a matte finish.

Adorable Nail Paint Modify the Overall look.

The new and the latest nail polish shades in 2020 are available online also. You can order while sitting at home. These nail paints are highlighted just for your ease in the article because we know that every girl wants to take care of her looks and appearance.

We have presented the information for new nail polish colours that are trending in town. We usually care too much for the face. However, we forget to take care of our nails.

But the fact is that everyone should look presentable and when it comes to formal or informal meetings or gatherings we should dress up comfortably up to the type of event and should carry makeup and nail paint to make yourself more concerned and responsible by carrying yourself well.

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Get Your Favourite Matte Lipstick under Your Budget



Are you worried about spending more on the trending lipstick shades?

Are you feeling tight on the pocket to get a new lipstick?

Don’t worry!

Here comes the solution because the most trending matte lipstick in a variety of colours are available under your budget that is just under only RS. 2500. Budgeting of necessary items for shopping is usually a confusing thing to manage. However, women consider the cosmetic and their beauty care products in the necessary items too.

Using makeup on a daily basis is now very common because all the girls on a daily basis wear it, if not the heavy one then only lipstick. You get your look complete by applying just a simple lipstick and make yourself ready most of the times.

Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick lovers wanted to have all the shade in matte, but the tight-pocket, which is low on budget or money makes them think twice to get the new lipstick. Some of the brands have created the budget-friendly high-quality matte lipsticks in many colour shades and not only this, yet the lipsticks are vegan also.

In this blog, we mentioned some phenomenal and best matte lipsticks for you!

Domani Velvet Matte Lipstick

These lipsticks are pure yet very reasonable in price. The highly pigmented long-lasting lipstick with a smooth velvety finish is was Domani matte lipstick is offering to you. It is available in many shades which you can also order online as you can get many of these lipsticks under the budget of RS. 2500.

Domani Creamy Matte Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks usually have a glossy and shiny finish. However, you can get a perfect matte finish by the Domani Creamy matte liquid lipstick. It is easy to apply, delicate, smooth, soft and silky. It quickly gives beautiful lip makeup by creating a makeup look more natural and sophisticated.

Sampure Matte Lipstick

It is available in 8 rich colours and in the affordable price range with exciting benefits. These matte lipsticks are organic, halal, as well as vegan. The true qualities that are high in demand are present in these matte finish lipsticks, which are paraben-free and cruelty-free.

Matte Lipstick Shades

The shades for matte lipsticks are available in a wide range. The budget-friendly lipsticks available in the following colours:

  • Pink shades
  • Red raspberry shades
  • Maroon shades

And several other colours are also available. The pro of these lipsticks is also that it keeps the lips hydrated and moisturize. What other qualities you can wish for? With the affordable and under budget lip makeup.

Matte liquid lipstick is easy to apply as the liquid after a few seconds of the application becomes creamy matte texture on lips. This does not have any shine to it. However, it will make your lips look fantastic, smooth and natural.

Best Matte Lipsticks

The best matte lipsticks are the ones which fulfil all the requirements from been affordable to be of a high-quality. You might be thinking of having one for yourself, but it’s true that when you buy a lipstick, you buy more than one. Matte lipsticks have their own class which makes the lips beautiful.

Your favourite matte lipstick under budget gives a thrilling feel of excitement to wear makeup all the time. Either it’s a party or an informal meeting with anyone, you can carry the matte lipstick. It gives an attractive look with sophisticated personality charm.

So, personifying the royalty! This is what everyone should go for not on occasions only but on a daily basis, surely when the makeup is under budget. The most stylish look appears when you feel comfortable for yourself and with vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks you will definitely feel confident in your own self as these lipsticks work like a magic wand.

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Get Your Classy Nails with Glossworks Nail Polish

Working all day makes the hands rough and dry. While looking at our fingers, the most significant and catching thing is nails. Glossy and shine, filed nails look fantastic, and the overall personality looks cool when the nails are polished neatly and cleanly.

For perfect nails; Glossworks gives confidence to you to “be the boss of gloss” with the Glossworks new 9-Free fantastic nail polishes. These are available in 32 luscious colours which the glossy and shiny texture. 

It is manufactured with a professional formula that delivers a high-gloss coating to nails along with a gel-like texture that will not face without nail polish remover. Glossworks has set an impressive new standard in nail polishes with quality standard colours without adding any harmful or nasty chemical.

Classy Nails with Glossworks Nail Polish

Get the classiest looking nails with the alluring nail polish shades. Are you worried about your nails to look suitable for a party or for daily use? Do you want to get the matching colour nail paint for your nails? Are you afraid that to damage your nails by applying the nail polish?

Do not worry! Glosswork gives the best results, and you will be amazed after applying the too glossy nail polish on your nails. You can apply it on daily use or at any party. Matching colours from your dress will definitely make the best combination by having the same colour nails. 

Long nails with perfect nail colour are the best, and this brand has launched its new colours also that will blow your mind with beauty.

Nail Polish Colors

The colours of these nail polishes are super exciting. Cooking usually makes the nails messy, but these nail colours will protect your nails from the lousy look and gives a perfect glossy and shiny texture all the time and anywhere. The newly launch nail colours and the most trending ones are:

  • The Glossworks Cyantific (blue colour)
  • The Glossworks Hocus Crocus (purple colour)
  • The Glossworks Last Mango in Paris (orange colour)
  • The Glossworks Raspberry Parade (pink colour)
  • Glossworks BB Base Coat
  • Glossworks Matte Effect Top

A wide variety of nail colours are available in these nail polishes; however, these are the most trending, demanding and latest shades. Nail polish designs can be made from these as these are cruelty-free and smooth been applied.

Halal Nail Polish

The nail polishes of this exquisite brand are best to buy because these are vegan, halal, wudhu friendly, and breathable without any harmful preservatives or chemicals. High coverage shade with volume and glossy finish contains no formaldehyde.

This is a halal nail paint which you can wear while praying also. This unique quality of been halal, vegan and organic is simply what every girl wishes to have. These nail polishes are the cosmetics which do not harm animals as these are not tested on animals.

These hygienic nail polishes will protect your nails from chemicals that cause nail diseases. Matte nail polish is also available by the brand, but the final touch of matte with no shine but the glossy finish has the most unique and perfect blend to nail.

Online Availability of Glamorous Nail Polishes

These nail polish models are also available online, so you can easily order online without any worry.

Tremendous satisfaction and a light-weighted single coat of the nail polish will give shine to your nails. Royalty personified! With the fantastic results of this vegan, and chemical-free product that will surely make you classy and decent.

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Best Mascara for Perfect Lashes

Choosing the best style for yourself is always worthy if you are comfortable with it. Makeup has become an essential element of our life where we cannot spend a single day out without wearing makeup. Some of the girls are still out there who does not wear any makeup. However, the perfection and looks of your choice are in your hands by using cosmetics.

The first thing while talking to a person is the eye-contact which we make with the person while communicating. Eyes place a significant role, and for this, every girl wishes to look great with beautiful eyes. The attractive eyes must look perfect when you are completely dressed up for a party or for some event.

Eye makeup is very common Worldwide where the two essential items for makeup, lipstick and eyeliner or mascara give a complete proper look—wondering for flawless makeup of model or actress? Then why not try the best mascara for perfect lashes to create a diva look for yourself?

Lashes are very sensitive; however, the mascara on it makes the lashes unique, modified and defined with the perfect look. The long lashes are very attractive, and we all love the overall look of the face if the eye makeup is flawless. Applying mascara is very simple and easy, and it will give you a perfect glimpse.

Cosmetic is incomplete without a mascara! It is true that mascara has its significance when it comes to applying makeup. Mascara boxes are also available online and at stores.

Mascara Brands

The mascara brands are phenomenally innovating the mascara as this is not only available in liquid; however, a great range is available like waterproof mascara, volumizing mascaras, lengthening mascara, curling mascara, lash-defining mascara,  non-clumping mascara and many more.

The authentic brands that make these natural mascaras are many, but some are as follows:

  • Talent Cosmetics
  • Sampure
  • PHB

Talent Cosmetics

Talent Crystal Dia Power Mascara for curling up is halal and vegan. You can apply it any time as it is organic and for curling lashes. The mascara is smudge-free. Clump-free, and provides volume to lashes.


Sampure mineral mascara is non-less than magic to eyelashes. It has natural waxes and oil. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, halal, vegan, and most significantly, it is organic. It has no side effects for eyes or lashes and is smooth, provide volume and lengthening to lashes.


This is a dream mascara as you won’t believe your beautiful eyes after applying this. It is all-in-one natural mascara which is a perfect encompassing mascara. It volumizes the lashes and has a water-resistance formula. 

It is made with organic oils and ingredients and best to strengthening and volumizing the lashes. It is halal, vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, paraben-free, as well as organic.

How to Apply Mascara

There is very simple eye makeup step, where all you need to do is to apply the eye shadow, eyeliner and then mascara. So applying mascara in the easiest and perfect way is very simple, and we have mentioned some easy steps for you to apply mascara. Get the right effect with full lashes of mascara by following these steps:

  • The first thing which you need is mascara; the black one is really good to give a natural touch and to thicken the eyelashes. When you take the mascara out just scrap out the excesses on the mascara tube from the mascara brush.
  • Look straight forward in the mirror then put the mascara brush just at the base of your lashes and wiggle it.
  • Wiggle it side to side on lashes and then sweep up
  • Keep doing this until you get your lashes aesthetic as you want
  • This is how the upper eyelashes will get the mascara coating and for down lashes, take the same mascara brush and repeat the same procedure but this time set your face in a downward angle and then put mascara from base to downward direction.
  • Wiggle it a bit side to side so that it will give a smooth look.

The lashes give a prominent glimpse; however, some people use artificial lashes to make their real lashes more beautiful if you want to keep your artificial lashes safe for long term use than always first apply mascara on your original lashes than put on artificial lashes.

Mascara Tips

Some life-changing tips for applying mascara on your lashes will definitely help you throughout life if you follow them, so these tips are as follows:

  • Coat the backside of the lashes: Ones you are done with the front side than roll the brush back while looking down and carefully coating back. It will give a more curly and beautiful look to the eyes.
  • Use the small brush to dust the lashes: Use a bit of baby powder in between lashes to make the lashes non-sticky after applying mascara.
  • Be flexible: Bend your mascara wand and be flexible while applying it and use the mascara brush gently.
  • Keep the mascara closed tube in hot water if it is hard or clumpy: Make sure to tightly close the cap and set the mascara in hot water for few minutes that will melt the clumpy mascara in a soft and smooth one.
  • Use a toothbrush: If your mascara brush went clumpier, than you can also use a toothbrush as an alternative option for your lashes.
  • Don’t pump the brush in mascara tube continuously: This will allow the air to pump up in the tube and mascara will get clumpy due to it. Just pump in once or twice.

Simply follow these tips while applying mascara and enjoy your beautiful makeup with perfect eyelashes.

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Best Lip Hydrating Products

Glowing every day either in sun rays or in cold winters is what every girl wish for.  The first glance of looking at someone or thinking about someone is the face that comes in mind that we see or recall. What catches attention is the appearance, especially the glowing skin, eyes and lips. Every girl nowadays uses cosmetic products daily. The lip products like lip balm, lipstick, or lip gloss make the lips look perfect.

For dry or rough lips, the hydrated lip products are fascinating. These lip hydrating products keep the dry lip areas hydrated. Lips do not contain oil gland and do not generate the hydration. Lip care products are created to restore the moisture, and fresh fullness to your lips as these products makes more beautiful smile. The lip hydrating products help to enhance physical appearance, and you feel more confident at any time and anywhere. 

Hydrating Lip Gloss

Do you want to look fresh all day? Then your skin should reflect the freshness. Hydrated skin will keep you shine and when it comes to lip gloss on your dried lips or parched lips than do use hydrating lip gloss like the “Sampure Lasting Shine Hydra Lipgloss”. This lips gloss will not only make the lips glossy but also nourishing, hydrated, non-sticky and beautiful.

Every girl wishes to have a perfect smile, and hydrating lip gloss gives a beautiful smile on your face. The Sampure lasting shine hydra lip-gloss has minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant elements. This lip-gloss can be used for everyday use, and your lips will be soft for a long time. It supports anti-ageing that will give you glamour. 

Lip Hydrating Products

Are you worried about winter and your dry skin? Are you afraid to get the dry, cracked lips again? Do not worry. You always have a solution to every problem and for this problem, keep calm and use the following products:

  • Domani Velvet Matte Lipstick
  • Talent Crystal Dia Lip Crayon
  • Talent Crystal Dia Color Lip
  • Sampure Nourishing Long-Lasting Hydra Lipstick

Along with the Sampure Lasting Shine Hydra Lipgloss, these are the other lip hydrating products that provide best results to glowing lips. In this blog, we have tried to resolve your issue by highlighting the best lip hydrating products that will help you for a long time to get healthy, hydrated lips.

How to get Hydrated Lips?

It is quite simple to get hydrated lips for you now as the cosmetic brands have created the products that protect lips. The products mentioned above can benefit you in many ways, and that’s how you can get the hydrated lips.

Domani Velvet Matte Lipstick is a highly pigmented lipstick that is long-lasting with a matte velvety finish, that keeps the matte lips flawless and hydrated.

Talent Crystal Dia Lip Crayon is a perfect non-sticky lip crayon that is a hydrating gloss for chapped lips. The creamy texture of this pencil type lip crayon gives the comfortable and smooth application of lip colour to lips. It is halal and vegan that also helps the consumer to go for this product.

Talent Crystal Dia Color Lip: This fresh and radiant lip colour gives flawless and comfortable wear to chapped lips. Its luxurious lip colour with rich pigmentation provides long-lasting moisture and vibrant gloss to cakey, powdery, dry or chapped lips. Keep your lips hydrated with cruelty-free halal ingredients lip colour.

Sampure Nourishing Long-Lasting Hydra Lipstick is available in long-lasting ten different colour shades. Give a healthy touch to lips with moisture. It is a creamy and super-saturated hydrated lipstick that leaves the lips sensuous and soft.

Sampure Lasting Shine Hydra Lipgloss is available in many shades that provides a glossy look to lips with comfortable non-sticky touch.

Say bye to your dry and chapped lips by using these super long-lasting healthy products for your lips. Be confident with your looks and smile. These products will surely help you to have an attractive smile with perfect lips.

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