Why is deep cleansing noteworthy?

If you don’t follow a skincare routine, you are not taking care of your skin properly! Your skin goes through a lot of stress because of your hectic daily routines, and it needs to be taken care of. The sweat from your cardio, the makeup products you use daily, dirt, pollution, and other external attackers put our skin through a lot of strain.

Why are the skincare products you regularly use not showing the results? Well, putting on all those products from your collection might not be enough! You might think that all those serums and face creams are doing their job on your skin. But you might just leave the dominant step of your daily skincare routine, and that is cleansing.

Do you want to give your skin a healthy glow that you see in tv commercials and roadside banners? Ladies, you need to deep cleanse. If you are not washing your face regularly, dirt and impurities might build up on your skin’s surface. This will prevent other skincare products from entering the epidermis and give your skin the nourishment that it needs. So firstly, using a face cleanser will help get rid of all the impurities and dirt build-up. Secondly, excess build-up of dirt can trap sebum and dead skin cells, which will result in you having unwanted acne. And lastly, using a good moisturizer after washing your face will help your skin maintain the required hydration and moisture levels. (1) (2)

The largest organ of our body, our skin, needs a lot of sustenance. It is crucial to undertake a deep cleansing ritual at least once a week. Below is the breakdown of the steps you need to undergo for a deep cleaning routine.


If you want a good cleanser to clear out the surface impurities, use our (Saeed Ghani – Papaya Face Cleanser) with mild ingredients that will smoothly take off that layer of dirt to give you a clean feel.


Scrubbing your face once or twice each week can help you remove the dead skin and make your skin look younger. Our gentle exfoliator (Saeed Ghani – Cucumber Face Cleanser) works gently on your skin, making it fresh and smooth.

Face mask

A clay mask helps in soaking up the oils, toxins, and dirt from your blocked pores. This makes it easier for the other skincare products, such as serums and moisturizers, to better absorb into your skin. Use our organic clay mask (Mana Beauty and spirit – Universal Radiance Mask) to rejuvenate your skin.


The use of toner is often ignored, but it is a prime part of deep cleansing. Our (Mana Beauty and spirit – Floral Mist Hydrating Face Toner) helps in maintaining your skin’s natural pH levels.


Do you think you don’t need a moisturizer? You are wrong! You should regularly moisturize your skin regardless of your skin type. The deep cleansing process can eradicate the required moisture from your pores, so it is vital to use a good moisturizer to balance your face’s moisture levels. Use (Mana Beauty and spirit – Clarity Body Cream) moisturizer for an effortless application. (3)

Happy cleansing!


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