Halal nail polishes are real

There has been an increased demand for halal products all over the world. The word “halal” is commonly used for meat, food, personal care products, snacks, cosmetics. And now it is being widely related to nail polishes as well.

Are you a fan of nail art? The beautiful pigmented colors make you fall in love with them, but you can not wear them being a practicing Muslim?

The good news is that you CAN wear nail polishes that are halal. The halal nail polishes are breathable, and they let water pass through them. So that you can perform ablution and say your prayer while keeping that vibrant nail color on. The mechanics of halal nail polish is the same as contact lenses. When you’re wearing halal nail polish, water can reach your nail. So the halal nail polish is not only good for your prayer rituals, but they are better in general. The ingredients used in these kinds of nail polishes are safe and less harmful for our nails. The formula allows our nails to breathe. The ingredients used in other nail colors are so harsh for our health that they are known for causing cancer and other health-related problems. (1)

Products are not halal; either because the ingredients used in them are forbidden, or the machinery used in the production is not cleaned according to the Islamic way. As far as nail colors are concerned, these nail cosmetics should allow the water to pass through them, and they must not contain any ingredient that is not allowed in Islam.

You should check two things before buying a halal nail color:

  • The ingredient list
  • Halal certification

Halal nail polishes do not consist of any ingredient related to animals, or other prohibited ingredients such as alcohol. So always check for the ingredients whenever you are looking for a halal nail cosmetic. Also, make sure that halal certification is marked on the packaging of the product. (2)

If you are looking for the best halal nail colors, go for (Sampure Nail Color Raspberry Cupcake) nail paints. Our nail polishes segment promises a variety of colors and incomparable pigmentation so that you don’t have to compromise on quality. These nail paints are free of the harsh chemicals used in regular nail polishes, such as formaldehyde and DBP. It allows the water and oxygen to reach the nail, as your nail is not confined beneath a thick coat of nail paint. The (Sampure Nail Color ) clearly states the certifications on its packaging, proving that they are halal.

Are you itching to wear the latest nail polish trends to your parties? Apply two thin coats of your favorite water-permeable nail colors from our collection, and you are ready to go!


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